Spring has sprung! Well it certainly felt like it today as the temperatures soared in the north west region to around 13 degrees! And of course when the temperature rises the garden starts to bloom and grow.

You may also be thinking of defining your boundaries in the garden by doing a spot of hedge building and you’re just in time too! Whether you’re looking to define your outside space, provide yourself with some privacy or just want to make a sheltered area from the prevailing winds, creating hedged areas is a natural way forward, however proceed with caution! Most hedges will need regular care and pruning to keep them dense and under control. No-one wants any unnecessary friction with the neighbours! And do your planning and research.

Choosing your hedge really depends on what its purpose will be, you may choose something with colourful flowers or foliage such as Hawthorn or Viburnum or perhaps something more stately and formal such as Beech or Buxus.

It’s important to think about the amount of annual maintenance it may need, perhaps look around for which other hedges grow well in your local neighbourhood. Practical elements will be important, in particular what height needs to be achieved and how dense you need your hedge to be. Also do you need your hedge to give you privacy all year round? and if so you should consider an evergreen such as a Conifer rather than a deciduous one.

There is still a small window to plant a deciduous hedge before the end of March and if you’re planning that all-year round shelter with an evergreen hedge, then from now in March until the end of April is a perfect time to plant.

At Lumber Tree Care we are experts in hedge care. Whether you need your hedge topping, trimming, thinning or pruning we will keep your creation in tip-top shape for you. Call us now on 07983 373724 to discuss your requirements.