It’s sometimes easy to take the path of least resistance in life, and garden living is no different. We lose trees for many reasons, perhaps it’s deadly and is at risk of falling onto property, it could impact other trees, maybe it’s a financial decision and it’s just cheaper to remove it now than a few years down the line or possibly a vanity decision. We’ve also had some pretty spectacular storms recently on the north west coast that have made a casualty of many a local tree.

But whatever reason you lose your tree there’s always a stump remaining and more often than knot(sorry for the pun!) they can be stubborn things to remove. So quite often they are just left in the ground for the sake of an easy life.

We’ve covered in a previous article why tree stumps should be removed. They can be hazardous, damage garden machinery and can spread decay and invite unwanted species into your garden! So don’t settle for the easy option, give us a call and we can advise on the best way to remove your unwanted stump.

We have two stump grinders and other bigger machinery to tackle any size stump and we always work on a consultation service first to find the best solution, taking into account safety and convenience.

We take pride in all of the work we carry out and pride ourselves on our professional and efficient service.

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