Tree Stump Removal Lancaster & Surrounding Areas

Reasons why you should have unwanted tree stumps removed…

It’s tempting to leave a tree stump in place but here’s a few reasons you should think about getting it removed:

1. It can damage gareden machinery such as lawnmowers.

2. It’s a trip hazard with a potential insurance claim looming!

3. It makes garden maintenance more difficult. It’s harder to mow around and strim etc.

4. Tree stumps can shoot new leaves and rob the existing soil of nutrients.

5. Tree stumps can actually cause a problem for house valuations. If a surveyor sees a tree stump he she may look closer into whether the roots have caused any damage to the property foundations.

6. Lastly, tree stumps are just generally an eyesore! The rotting wood is a breeding ground for funghi and insects etc. and the space could be used in a much better way for an extended lawn or new border.

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